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Welcome to the ICMA

The International Computer Music Association is an international affiliation of individuals and institutions involved in the technical, creative, and performance aspects of computer music. It serves composers, engineers, researchers and musicians who are interested in the integration of music and technology.

ICMC 2015

The 2015 41st International Computer Music Conference will take place from September 25 to October 1st at the University of North Texas.

The theme of the conference, “Looking Back, Looking Forward” invites participants to reflect on the innovations, developments and artistic challenges over the past century, and to articulate a vision for the future.

Have the major challenges faced in computer music and research changed over the past century?

What are the leading issues in Computer Music today?

Keynotes include Carla Scaletti, Jonty Harrison, and Miller Puckette.

The Center for Experimental Music & Intermedia at University of North Texas hosts the 2015 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2015) in Denton, Texas/ USA from September 25 to October 1, 2015.

Looking Back, Looking Forwards,
September 25 - October 1, 2015
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Conference Program
Call for Submissions

More information is available at http://icmc2015.unt.edu.

The Center for Experimental Music & Intermedia (CEMI) is an interdisciplinary center focused on music and arts technologies, housed within the Division of Composition Studies. CEMI provides an environment for research, education, and a busy schedule of public performances. CEMI fosters integration of electroacoustic music, live performance, video/film, plastic arts, and theater. Since its 1963 inception as UNT’s Electronic Music Center, CEMI has evolved into a unique creative environment, world-renowned for innovative works and musicians. CEMI’s four state-of-the-art studios and Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater nurture the development of dozens of works each year, including music for live performance with interactive computer systems, multichannel surround audio compositions, film and video works, dance pieces with live video, and intermedia theatrical performances.

CEMI showcases the latest experimental music and intermedia from UNT and around the world in its annual series of concerts in the Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater. Visiting composers-in-residence have studio access and technical assistance; CEMI regularly hosts internationally renowned artists and researchers in residencies that include public lectures, masterclasses, and concerts. CEMI has hosted the International Computer Music Conference in 1981, the SEAMUS National Conference 2000, and the Electric LaTex Festival 2007, among others. In 2005, CEMI was noted in Schools that Rock: The Rolling Stone College Guide, which named the UNT College of Music as one of the nation’s best music programs.