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43rd International Computer Music Conference 2017

6th Electronic Music Week
16th – 20th October 2017
Opening Concert on 15th of October 2017

Shanghai Conservatory of Music
Shanghai, China


The Theme of ICMC/EMW 2017

Hearing the Self

There is an ancient Chinese saying (by Lao Zi):大音希声,大象无形Dà yīn xī shēng,
dà xiàng wú xíng (The best music and  art lay in silence and abstraction)! We think: in
silence,  we hear the real sound  within  ourselves.  However, in a modern world  of
unceasing innovation, we continue to open ourselves to new music and images within and beyond our senses, searching for “the Sound of the Self.”

In the vast domain of contemporary music, computer music, new media art and sound art,  China is  a latecomer.  But in  an increasingly technological and digitized world, Chinese artists,  engineers  and researchers  are now  stepping to  the forefront;  they hear the sound of  the future within themselves. Already in  the past decade, an influx of  young  and  inspiring  artists,students,  engineers,  and  researchers  have  come together  in  Shanghai  from  all  over  the  world;  creating  and collaborating with a vigorous style, they push forward new sounds, new music, and new technology.

At the ICMC/EMW  2017 in Shanghai,  we look forward  to  hearing you in your work for “the Sound of the Self.”

Qiangbin Chen
Conference Chair of ICMC2017/Artistic Director of EMW
Dean of Music Engineering Department of SHCM