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June 16-23  NYC, USA


Conference Theme

Continuing our exploration of all things computer music, this year we convene again, as have done so for 44 years, to celebrate the diversity computer music with a focus on cities and urbanity. Two programs that we have taken to heart at last year’s Korea conference, is again, on our agenda at the New York City iteration of the ICMC:

Soundscape Heritage capture, archive, and preserve soundscapes through a 3D lens: data-Driven, community-Driven, and art-Driven. We are launching a campaign to engage the community in Soundmapping our World to preserve our soundscape heritage and advanced technologies to sense and help mitigate the global urban noise pollution phenomenon.

Computer Music Heritage capture, archive, and preserve annual ICMC works starting with ICMC 2018. Initial Step – Stop the leak so that the yearly curated works are no longer lost after each conference ends. Next Steps – Archive access and the what, how, and who to advance content-based music exploration for meaningful user engagement.

See you soon in the Big Apple know as the City that Never Sleeps!