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ICMC 2014 Awards


The ICMA would like to congratulate the winners of the best paperbest pieces and best presentation awards from the ICMC/SMC 2014 Conference in Athens, Greece.

Best Paper Award - “Spatial Transformations in Simplicial Chord Spaces” - Louis Bigo, Daniele Ghisi, Antoine Spicher, Moreno Andreatta.

Best Piece Award (Americas) - Five Out of Six - Christopher Trapani.

Best Piece Award (Asia & Oceania) - Not Bad - Jaeseong You.

Best Piece Award (Europe) - Epithymetikón - Diego Capoccitti.

Best Piece Award (Student) - …tutt’occhi - Marta Gentilucci.

 Best Presentation Award - “Real time tempo canons with Antescofo” - Christopher Trapani and Jose Echeveste

The paper award was selected by the ICMA paper review panel of Margaret Schedel, Richard Dudas and Rebecca Fiebrink.

The music awards were selected by the ICMA music review panel of PerMagnus Lindborg, Tom Erbe, Chryssie Nanou and Richard Dudas.

The best presentation award is awarded annually after each ICMC, and voted by the conference attendees.